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Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit
Jakarta Timur 13440, Jakarta

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Alat uji getaran, alat uji vibrasi
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* Extremely small size and light weight offers complete portability in field use.
* A charge amplifier input is incorporated to enable farpoint vibration measurements, eliminating influences originated in length of input cable.
* No range selection is needed for acceleration measurement up to 200m/ s2 for velocity measurement up to 200mm/ s ( RMS) and for displacement measurement up to 2mm p-p.
* A hold-function is provided for digital readout holding which insures easy reading.
* A commercially-available transistoruse dry battery is used as the power source for complete portability.
* And the battery alarm system is incorporated for battery check.
* Piezo Electric Pickup is used as the input transducer for long life operation and wide frequency range of 10 to 5000Hz.
* Full accessories of a contact pin and a magnetic holder are provided
as standard for various field use.
DIGI-VIBRO Applications
As long as rotating or reciprocating machinery is running successfully, it keeps you, as well as itself, safe and secure. But once the machinery gets into trouble, it could produce a high level of vibration to threaten your safety. The DIGI-VIBRO provides vibration measurement for innumerable kinds of machinery, including, but not limited to, pumps, blowers, machine tools, automobiles, and aircraft. Here is a small fraction of the numerous applications of the DIGI-VIBRO:
" Vibration measurement for blowers used to dry automobiles after they are painted
" Vibration measurement at the location of mainframes
" Solenoid valve actuation condition checking
" Machine tool failure inspection
" Maintenance of general-purpose engines
" Maintenance of chassis dynamometers used for automotive testing
" Bearing fault checking on blowers installed at garbage incineration plants,
" Bearing wear checking on automatic grinding machines used to fabricate clock parts
" Amplitude and acceleration measurement for vibration testers
" Measurement of resonance points on instruments to which engine vibration is imparted
" Automatic medicine packing machine actuation condition checking
" Routine checking on pumps and blowers installed at petrochemical plants
" Transformer howling checking
" Numeric representation of the actuation conditions of cell phone vibrators
" Spindle vibration measurement
" Cooling tower fan maintenance

Start Measurement
Ï Turn on the power switch.
Ï Select a measurement mode and press the corresponding button. The DIGI-VIBRO supports three measurement modes: acceleration ( ACC) , velocity ( VEL) , and displacement ( DISP) .
Ï The unit of acceleration is m/ s2 ( PEAK) , which denotes a rate of change of velocity per second. The unit of the gravitational acceleration is G. One G represents 9.8 m/ s2.
Ï The unit of velocity is mm/ s ( RMS) . Because vibration is a reciprocating motion, its velocity changes constantly. The vibrometer reads the RMS value of the velocity.
Ï The unit of displacement is mm ( P-P) . It indicates the total amplitude of the travel of actual vibration.
Ï The measurement is complete when you read the meter reading.
Ï Press the HOLD button when the reading is found to have varied by a wide margin.

Select Measurement Modes
Displacement measurement mode
The DIGI-VIBRO reads the actual travel of a vibrating object as a double amplitude, for example, as 30 ¼ mP-P ( micrometer peak-to-peak) . This measurement mode is the easiest to understand and mostly widely used among the three. Ideal for measuring the vibration of rotational components, such as an imbalance. The frequency range is narrow, from 10 kHz to about several hundreds of Hz.
Acceleration measurement mode
Acceleration measurement mode is suited for measuring high-frequency vibrations, such as those from a deteriorated bearing. Bearings make several tens to several hundreds of turns each time the rotating machine in which they are used completes one turn. They also generate shock pulses when flawed or chipped. Acceleration measurement is the ideal way of detecting these pulses.
Velocity measurement mode
Velocity measurement mode works on a frequency band falling halfway between acceleration and displacement measurement mode, from 10 to 1000 Hz. Because velocity is expressed as a product of frequency and displacement, its value is proportional to the magnitude of displacement and to the height of frequency. Often, the frequency in this context can be safely considered equivalent to the number of revolutions ( for example, 2400 rpm ÷ 60 seconds = 40 Hz) .
1. Digi-vibro Model-1332A 1pc 6. Output Cable 1pc
2. Pickup Model-2304A 1pc 7. Dry battery 006P 1pc
3. Contact pin and handler 1pc 8. Instruction Manual 1pc
4. Low noise cable LNC-3F-1.5 1pc 9. Shoulder Case 1pc
5. Magnetic Holder MG-1 1pc

VIBRATION PICKUP: Piezo Electric Pickup Model-2304A
INPUT: BNC connection Charge input
ACCELERATION RANGE: 0 to 199.9m/ s2
VELOCITY RANGE: 0 to 199.9mm/ s( RMS)
DISPLACEMENT RANGE: 0 to 1.999mm( p-p)
FREQUENCY RANGE: 10Hz to 5000Hz ± 5% ( Acc: 5Hz-)
ACCURACY: Acceleration 3% of Rdg± 1digit
( at 80Hz, half of FS)
AC OUTPUT: Output Resistance 1k© with mini-plug
Acceleration : 10mV/ ( m/ s2) ± 2Vmax
velocity: 10mV/ mm/ s ± 2Vmax
Displacement : 2V/ mm ± 2Vmax
Noise level : 1mV rms max
DIGITAL INDICATOR: Liquid Crystal Display 3( 1/ 2) digit
Sampling rate: approx.3 times/ sec.
READOUT HOLDING: During depressing the HOLD button,
the readout can be held.
BATTERY: 006P( 9V) 1pc
Available voltage 10V to 7.5V
Battery Check alarm at 7V
Continuous use more than 70 hours
( AMPLIFIER) Dimensions 75( W) × 130( H) × 24( D) mm
Weight 250 grams approx

Distributor, Agent, Penjualan, Pemasangan dan Training.
Jakarta - Indonesia
Kontak Person: Syafei ( 0815 614 1954 / 0811 893 101) .
Alamat: Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No. 22B.
Telp. + 62-21-8611 131, 8611 259, 8611 444, 8611449
Fax : + 62-21-8611 207.
EMAIL : sales@
Website :

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